Complete Engines can be blasted but we do stress that this is at the owners risk and we accept no responsibility for any media ingress and / or any damage sustained due to any part of the blasting process.

This being said we have had great success with our masking process, and we have done a lot of engines with great feedback from our customers. This is not a cheap process and BMW flat twin engines will be more expensive than an inline four cylinder Japanese engine due to the work involved in the masking / sealing up process. 

Customers requiring this service will be asked to sign a disclaimer form for the reasons stated above.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Complete Engines

Complete Engines Blasted.


Complete Engine Blasting Service At

VIP Vapour Blasting.

BMW R100GS Engine Vapour Blasted

BMW R100GS Engine Vapour Blasted.

BMW R100GS Engine Top View

BMW R100GS Engine Top View.

Kawasaki Z1000 Engine Vapour Blasted

Kawasaki Z1000 Engine Vapour Blasted.

Honda CB650 Engine Dry Blasted For Painting

Honda CB650 Engine Dry Blasted For Painting.

BMW R75 Vapour Blasted Front View

BMW R75 Vapour Blasted Front View.

BMW R75 Vapour Blasted Side View

BMW R75 Vapour Blasted Side View.

Honda CB400 Engine Vapour Blasted

Honda CB400 Engine Vapour Blasted.

Honda CB400 Engine Close Up

Honda CB400 Engine Close Up.

Kawasaki Z650 Engine Vapour Blasted

Kawasaki Z650 Engine Vapour Blasted.

Kawasaki Z650 Engine Close Up

Kawasaki Z650 Engine Close Up.