Scooter Gallery.

In this gallery you will find examples of our blasting / cleaning of classic scooter parts. We take great care and pride in our work and only use top quality fine grade media to give a nice smooth finish ready for painting.

Vapour Blasting, once again we only use the finest glass beads and you can be assured of a great job on engine parts etc.

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lambretta engine cases vapour blasted

Lambretta Parts Vapour Blasted.

Brass Comes Up Really Well

Brass Comes Up Really Well.

Lambretta Frame

Lambretta Frame.

Lambretta Frame Blasted

Lambretta Frame Blasted.

Lambretta Seat Frame

Lambretta Seat Frame.

Lambretta Leg Shields

Slow Job, Care Must Be Taken Not To Distort The Panel.

Vespa Panels Blasted & Primed

Vespa Panels Blasted & Primed.

Vespa Parts All Blasted & Primed

Vespa Parts All Blasted & Primed.