Ultrasonic cleaning units work by sending high frequency sound waves, through a tank of liquid using what’s called a transducer.  A transducer is the key to an ultrasonic cleaning unit and its performance is based on its ability to convert high energy into sound waves which cause a powerful cleaning action.

This cleaning action is caused by a process called cavitation. Now cavitation involves huge forces which give a fantastic cleaning action. Tiny bubbles are formed by the sound wave which rapidly implode giving off masses of energy. This energy with immense pressure can force the displacement of the most stubborn contaminate within the most tightest and most intricate places, without causing any damage to the item being cleaned.

This method of Cleaning carburetors is very popular as it can clean the parts you could not normally reach with standard cleaning procedures.

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Carburetors Before Ultrasonic Cleaning

Carburetors Before Ultrasonic Cleaning.

Carburetors After Ultrasonic Cleaning

Carburetors After Ultrasonic Cleaning.

For the best results carbs need to have the tops, float bowls and jets etc removed and cleaned separately, if you are not able to do this we can do it for you at an extra cost.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Of Engine Parts

Ultrasonic Cleaning Of Engine Parts.

Ultrasonic's are also very good at cleaning dirty engine components prior to inspection / rebuild.

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