Wheel Blasting.

Wheel blasting at VIP Vapour Blasting, we can remove your old wheel coatings & lightly blast the surface to give a nice key ready for painting or powder coating.

If you are wanting this service you will need to bring us the bare wheels only as we do not have the facilities to remove tyres or the wheels from a vehicle.

Wheel Blasting

Sample Wheel, Before, Prepped By Us & Powder Coated.

This sample wheel is to give you an idea of the results that can be achieved.

We do not do powder coating but we can put you in touch with a good local firm that does.

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Motorcycle Wheel Before & After Blasting

Motorcycle Wheel Before & After Blasting.

Car Wheels Stripped & Blasted

Car Wheels Stripped & Blasted.

Durant Spoked Wheels Before & After Blasting

Durant Spoked Wheels Before & After Blasting, Ready To Paint.

Wheels Blasted With Tyres Still In Place

Wheels Blasted With Tyre's Still In Place.

Sometimes we are asked to blast wheels with the tyre's still in place, this can only be done if the wheels only have a thin coat of paint or are just a bit rusty. We can't blast wheels with tyre's on if they have a factory coating or powder coated finish. If in any doubt just give us a call.

Alloy Motorcycle Hub Before

Alloy Motorcycle Hub Before.

Alloy Motorcycle Hub Vapour Blasted

Alloy Motorcycle Hub Vapour Blasted.

As you can see from the above pictures, vapour blasting will not damage / mark stainless steel spokes if done properly. Standard zinc spokes can be cleaned up but will go rusty again if not treated with another protective coating.